maanantai 19. tammikuuta 2015

Postman, the prince of my fairytale

A quick update. Last week, the postman gave to me a rather nice package. A JSK  I orderer a couple of weeks ago from Fan + Friend. I haven't bought a new dress for ages, so it was nice to get something with tags on. The dress itself wasn't that expensive, but the shipping and taxes surprised me. But, the dress is gorgeous, so idgaf. 

Quality: 9/10    The fabric is nice and soft and good quality, and the dress is very well made. 
Shipping: 10/10     The dress came in less than 2 weeks, safe and sound

I would have liked to upload more pics of this dress on this post, but it's at home and these are the only good photos I have. But I have a few more packages on their way home, so I will make a decent post about them. But this sall do for now. 
The dress is so light and the way the frills move. <3 The color is a perfect light blue that I love.  But the only bad thing is, that I have to save this for Hellocon, and can't wear it. So sadly, it will have to wait for months in the closet. 

But for now, I will keep waiting for my prince. Bye!

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